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Mental Health Resources

Often we need an outside source to help us sort through and recover from the wounds of the past and grow. We desire to help students be educated well, feel cared for, have places to get help, and experience God through it all.

Here are some helpful books that we recommend


Lighthouse Counseling Christian Ministry
"Through counseling, we walk alongside you in the process of rising from frustration, anxiety, depression and hopelessness to developing a clear plan to a better life with tools learned in sessions. We provide a safe and confidential environment in which to develop trust and confidence. We have a diverse staff willing to walk alongside you in whatever journey you are on."

Global Counseling Network
“GCN is a team of counselors who are carefully-vetted and highly-trained. We think limited access to high quality counseling should not have the power to determine or dictate a person's growth, healing, and exploration of their life and story. Global Counseling Network exists to address the shortage of quality counseling services. Toward that end, we put together a team of counselors from personal connections. Trusting our counselors is paramount to having confidence and safety in entrusting them to you.”

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