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Cru Resources

Cru as an organization provides many useful resources for learning more about Christianity, the Bible, and ministry and discipleship. Below are some of our recommendations, but we encourage you to explore all of Cru's resources at


Because of the scope of what we are trusting God to do on this campus and the Eastern Shore, we are always in need of men and women who love Jesus and want to help invest in the lives of students.

If you have a vision for how you might like to volunteer with us we would love to sit down and talk with you more. Listed below are also some needs that would be incredibly helpful to have more laborers involved with:

  • Men and women interested in meeting one-on-one with students for discipleship

  • Men and women interested in leading a small group bible study of college students

  • Volunteers to help supply food for a handful of our student retreats and trainings

  • Volunteers to help us branch out to other schools on the Eastern Shore

  • Volunteers to help us lead some of our international vision trips

If you’re interested in helping out with Cru at Salisbury University as a volunteer please contact us and we will follow up with you to talk more soon!

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