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Resources For Parents

We know the transition from high school to college can be hard on both the student and the parent.

Cru at Salisbury University welcomes your interest and questions about your son or daughter’s involvement in our ministry. The resources and events offered here at Cru provide development and opportunities in the areas of faith and leadership. Cru offers several conferences and mission projects that allow students to grow in their knowledge of God and help others find meaningful answers to life’s questions.

Within the last 20 years, US News & World Report rated Cru as the top religious charity in the United States and Money magazine ranked the ministry as the most “efficient” religious ministry in the U.S.

In 2001, founder Bill Bright passed the leadership torch to the new and current president Steve Douglass. The campus ministry of Cru currently has active movements on more than 1,000 campuses with 44,000 students involved in 191 countries. Over 25,000 full-time staff members are serving in the U.S. and internationally. The ministry is sharing the gospel with approximately 5 million students each year worldwide.

Cru has a rich history over many decades, but our mission remains the same – seeing students' lives changed one at a time. We hope your student's life will be transformed by experiencing a gospel-centered community on the campus of SU. If there is any way Cru can be a spiritual resource for your son or daughter, please let us know!


Prayer is by far the most important way you can be involved in our ministry. Praying for your child daily, praying for open doors to have Gospel conversations with students on campus, and praying for the renewal of this city/region are just a few ways you can support the ministry. 

Cru at Salisbury University is a non-profit organization where all of our funding is provided by generous donors who partner with us to reach students for Christ.  There are ways to support Cru at SU financially so that your student and many after them may receive the benefit of spiritual growth, discipleship, leadership development, and evangelism training offered by Cru. 

Here are some needs:

  • Scholarships for Fall Retreat, Mission Trips, and Conferences throughout the year.

  • Funding for Campus Outreaches (BBQs, Christmas Celebrations, and many more).

  • One-time gifts for Cru at Salisbury University


You can give online to the Cru at Salisbury University ministry via

  • the Salisbury University Giving site, here

  • the Cru Giving site, here

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